Brown Bear

Welcome to SpeakNative, a global social network of English learners that faciliates English speaking practice online.

Post - Invite - Practice.

The most effective way to find right speaking partners is to start a conversation yourself. Follow the three steps below:

1. POST You can post a video message on any topic you would like to discuss. In particular, if you are preparing for IELTS, you can start with any IELTS topic.

2. INVITE By posting a video message, you are inviting all SpeakNative users who are interested in your post to have a conversation. You may also invite your friends outside SpeakNative to join the conversation by sharing your post.

3. PRACTICE Any user who sees your post may reply with a video message. If you would like to continue the conversation, you may exchange private video messages with each other or practice through voice call or video chat.

To start your journey today, visit App Store or Google Play to install the SpeakNative app.

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